Scratch that, now it’s 2019

It seems that I have an annual blog. Post once a year and eventually there will be multiple years of musing to peruse.

2018 was a pretty amazing year. The big news, that overshadows all other news… is that we brought our son, Jafar, home. So… it was also a year of adjustment and falling behind on, well, everything.

But after a year, and as he moves through his, ahem, fill-in-the-blank-because-it-changes-every-day twos, life is finally settling down and I’m trying to get back in the swing of things. Writing more, applying for more voiceover spots, maybe even squeezing in a painting or two (I’m looking at you Shanan… I’ll finish your paintings one of these days, I promise).

Oh, and actually writing posts for my blog (right, that is why I’m here…).

So, here’s hoping 2019 turns out great… maybe I’ll get more than one post done this year!

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