Lambing time!

When I was growing up, my parents talked about the different “hats” we wear. For instance, I have a baker hat, and a painter hat, a writer hat, and a farm girl hat.  They had “dress up and go out on the town” hats. Me? Not so much. That hat seldom sees the light of day (or the twinkle of night lights). I am much more fond of my “stay in and watch movies” hat or my “kill zombies with my husband on the playstation” hat.

This time of year I spend a lot of time in my “shepherdess” hat. It is one of my favorites. After all, my name does mean ewe and I take that as a sign that I am meant to have a lot of sheep in my life. I received two sheep for my birthday when I turned 10 and I’ve been raising them ever since.  That makes spring my favorite time of year. Without sheep, it would be a toss-up between spring and autumn. Spring sparkles, but autumn glows… they both have a mix of rain and sun and their presence can be marked by the appearance of rainbows, sun bursts, and black clouds on the horizon.  But spring has lambs.

Sorry autumn. You lose.

Anyhow, the season brings a lot of work with it too, but one day of bouncing lambs out in the field and it’s all worth it. Here’s a peek. Happy Spring everyone!


New year, new website

Welcome 2017!

Here at Joy of Doing, I’m kicking off the New Year with a new website! It’s been updated to represent what I’m up to these days and I’m excited to have so many great things going on!

The top additions are the voice-over section and this blog–where you can find things about writing, painting, designing, voice-overing (that’s probably not a word), baking, cooking, farming, and whatever we’re up to at Joy of Doing Studio and Silver Cliff Farm!

So let’s get started and see what 2017 brings!